Thursday 16 November 2023

Devon & Dorset October/November 2023

Two ‘ticks’ on this trip.  


A birder at the Seaton Wetlands recommended the footpaths around Branscombe village sewage works as a good site for Goldcrest in the winter.  The first visit failed but the second with a bit of prolonged lurking in the trees on the east path produced several Goldcrests, one of which I was able to photograph. Tricky conditions and a flighty bird but still very pleased.


Male Black Redstart

There have been serveral reports of Redstarts in the wider area but none seemed to 'stayers'. However a male and female pair were reported over several days in Portland so, as I was passing, I took the opportunity to look.  Both were found quickly but only stayed for two minutes before heading off further into Portland.  Great to see nevertheless.




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Slimbridge, late November 2023