Rutland, early June 2023

Our second time in Rutland with the caravan. We took the opportunity to join the Leicestershire and Rutland wildlife trust and take out an annual pass for the reserve.  Time was spent on the Egleton and Lyndon reserves, and we paid for an afternoon session at the Horn Mill Osprey hide.

Horn Mill Trout Farm: We treated ourselves to a session at the River Gwash Osprey hide while in Rutland. Sadly, no Osprey arrived at the trout pond while we were there, but we were entertained by a Red Kite scavenging a dead fish and 2 Grey Herons squabbling and fishing. The Heron’s feeding method was not elegant. There was a lot of slow walking to pick a spot, then a full body ‘launch’ into the water. Success rate was about 1 in 4.



The Red Kite made several passes to get the dead fish (possibly a deliberate lure placed in the water by the spotter). It took several runs to successfully retrieve the prize.


Heron with its hackles raised as it protected its catch from the Red Kite. Also showing during the session were a single Mistle Thrush and Grey Wagtail.


Lyndon: Maya and 33 on the nest, with the iconic background (Burley-on-the-Hill House). They have raised 10 chicks - so far! Other spots included a nesting GC Grebe and a swarm of bees.


Egleton: Sand Martins, including one that seems to have a deformed beak? The Robin Hide on the Egleton site was a great place to find small woodland birds, inc Willow warblers, LT tits and a shy Blackcap



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