Seaton, early March 2023

We spent 6 days in Seaton at the beginning of March. The weather was not conducive to photography or even walking but there were a couple of trips of note.

We took a Stuart Line trip up the River Exe. This was their standard trip, not one of their birdwatching specials.  There were Cormorant and Shag on the river estuary and, for once, it was easy to tell them apart.

There was also a very laid-back Grey seal on a mid-river pontoon.

Several days later, I managed a morning walk up stream from Colyton, on the footpath that follows the River Coly northwest. There was a pair of Dippers travelling up and down the river, sometimes carrying nesting materials in their beaks.  They did not let me get too close and were always facing into the sun.  There was also a pair on Grey wagtails by the river, plus several Little egrets.

The Wetlands themselves, including the Black Hole marsh were rather unproductive, as usually seems to be the case these days.

A few Shelduck and gulls in the marsh, plus Widgeon and teal out on the Axe estuary.


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