Elmley, mid February 2023

A report on Bird Guides suggested that the Long eared owl was showing by the pond. So despite the gloomy weather, I popped across to Elmley. The warden on gate duty deflated my expectations immediately, by saying that she had looked and not found the owl earlier in the day.

The visit was a simple drive to and from the car park, with a quick look at the back of the pond, to confirm the absence of the LEO.  Plenty of Lapwing, Starlings, Godwits (rather thin looking), Coots and Curlew were visible from the drive. There were a few Redshank around plus a male Marsh harrier and a single Sandpiper.

Jackdaw's were feeding from the blue bucket feeder. I had previously assumed that this was for Pheasants and Partridges. Today there was a Moorhen underneath, picking up the seeds dislodged by the Jackdaws.


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