Elmley, late January 2023


The drive through the Elmley reserve can be a fantastic experience for birders.  It certainly was for me, as a novice birder, last spring. Everywhere you looked from your car, there were Lapwing, Skylarks, Redshank, Oystercatchers, Godwits and Curlew.  Marsh Harriers were a common sight. Once you got to the carpark, there were often Short-eared owls and the resident Little owls to see.  If you were very lucky, you could get a glimpse of the Long-eared owls. The hides on the reserve offered great views of a variety of waders and gulls.

The dry summer seems to have been hard on the reserve and this winter there seem to be less birds present, although perhaps it is recovering for a spring ‘rush’.

In late January 2023, there were plenty of Lapwing, Starlings, Godwits, an occasional Curlew, and as Kestrel on the drive.

 As 'Friends of Elmley' we will continue to visit during the year.


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