Best birding outings of 2022 2/3: Rutland Water

 Rutland water is a huge recreational reservoir in the middle of England. It is also a fabulous natural resource. Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife trust run two main areas, Lyndon and Egleton, with plenty of hides for bird observation.

Our particular interest was the Osprey platform in Manton Bay (Lyndon). There were an estimated 50 Osprey at Rutland Water this year. Maya is a star attraction, having raised 20 chicks since 2015. Her nest platform can be viewed from the Waderscrape hide.

The boat ‘Rutland Belle’ runs cruises in Osprey season, going to likely parts of the reservoir where Ospreys fly and fish. Results are, obviously, not guaranteed.

We went twice in 2022 and plan to go back in 2023.


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